LED landscape lighting in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, FL

A quick look at some of the benefits of using LED landscape lighting

Your search for a company that offers best quality and widest range of LED landscape lighting options will end with us at Vision Lighting. We have a team comprising of sincere, dedicated and certified professionals who will guide you all through the process step by step in order to help you make an informed decision and enjoy absolute value for money. The different areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Boca Raton, FL, Florida, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach.

What is so special about LED lights?

  • It is highly energy efficient. In fact, it has been proven that LED lights use at least 80% less energy compared to traditional lights and will last up to 20 times longer in comparison to incandescent lighting. As it uses less energy it will cost less which means you can save money on your electricity bills
  • Although it costs more upfront but it is worth it as these lights will last for long. Most of these bulbs are backed by a minimum guarantee of 5 years
  • LED lights are known for creating less heat and as a result of which lowers wattage consumption significantly. The ultimate result will be longer life
  • Environmentally friendly- it does not have any toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable thereby making it environmentally friendly
  • Durability- it is highly durable owing to the robust components which have been used for building it, thereby making it highly resilient as well as capable of withstanding the roughest conditions. LED lights will offer resistance against vibrations, shock and also exposure to different climatic conditions
  • Such landscape lighting produces efficient illumination and by combining it in different shapes these bulbs help in creating even brighter illumination

To install such lights needs the right calculations of voltage, wiring, transformers and knowledge. So allow our professionals to handle this task and help you enjoy peace of mind.