Landscape lighting in Naples and West Palm Beach, Florida

Landscape lighting adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of outdoor spaces

You don’t have to lose sight of your beautiful garden when the sun goes down. Landscape lighting can illuminate and make your outdoor spaces tastefully visible at night. If you want landscape lighting in FL, Fort Myers or West Palm Beach, then Vison lighting can help. The design and technical experts know you to use innovative landscape lighting ideas to transform your outdoor spaces. They also use lighting equipment and methods that are energy efficient and tree friendly.

Landscape lighting can improve and enhance all kind of outdoor areas, from residential properties to commercial apartments, from courtyards to club houses. By illuminating trees, plants, walk ways, decks, patios and pool areas, you bring the night to life. A professional installer will also ensure that cables, wires, junction boxes are hidden from view.

Landscape lighting not only adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of outdoor areas. It extends your living space. It invites people to gather and enjoy the night air in the outdoors. Landscape lighting extends your night time living space visually and physically.

When planning the lighting of your property you should think beyond the interior. Outdoor lighting can add a striking visual and physical component to any property. In addition, outdoor lighting will add to the safety and security of your property. Illuminated walk ways and entry ways are easier and safer to navigate than dark unlit ones. A tastefully and well-lit outdoor space also add to a feeling of security. Criminals and wrongdoers are also tend to avoid well-lit areas.

Landscape lighting can do a lot for a property in terms of aesthetics, ambiance, living space, comfort as well as safety and security. But like most things it must be carefully designed and professionally installed.






Exterior lighting in Fort Myers and Sarasota, Florida

Exterior lighting adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of outdoor spaces

If you want exterior lighting in FL, Fort Myers or West Palm Beach, then exterior lighting can help. They specialise in tasteful outdoor lighting with a focus on intimacy and creativity. They have an experienced team of landscaping lighting designers, engineers and technicians who have created installed many beautiful and innovative outdoor lighting projects.

Exterior lighting can transform just about any outdoor area be it a garden, a park, a marina, a club house, an office complex, a shopping mall or a college. Advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment means outdoor lighting areas use minimal power and are designed and implemented in a way that protects plants, trees, flowers and natural habitat.

When you hire an expert exterior lighting firm, you can be sure the equipment will be plant-friendly and you won’t see unsightly cables, junction boxes and wires. The lighting equipment modern landscapers use don’t ham or interfere with the trees or plant life.

Exterior lighting not only adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of outdoor areas; it also adds safety and security. By removing the cover of darkness, people can see more clearly and wrongdoers are less likely to commit unwanted acts. Illuminated outdoor areas bring the night to life in your garden, courtyards, marina or outdoor space.

Exterior lighting can enhance both residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a freestanding home in FL, an apartment in Fort Myers or a resort property in West Palm Beach, exterior lighting can add to atmosphere and appeal of your property.

Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate decks, pool areas, patios, trees, waterfalls, sculptures and more. There is no shortage of ideas or possibilities when it comes to exterior lighting. The team at Vision Lighting will gladly discuss outdoor lighting ideas and possibilities for your Southern Florida residential or commercial property.




Outdoor landscape lighting in Fort Myers, Naples, Florida

Why outdoor landscape lighting is so much in demand?

If you are amid those who loves to spend a good amount of time outside the abode then you should consider purchasing an outdoor landscape lighting from a renowned company such as Vision Lighting. We offer these lighting solutions in different varieties so you can choose one that suits your needs best. By installing these lights in your sweet home you can add beauty and safety both to the outer areas. The areas that we serve include the ins and outs of FL, Florida, Fort Myers, Sarasota and West Palm Beach.

The benefits in abundance

By installing these lights in your outdoor areas you can reap multiple benefits such as,

  • It will allow you in using both the backyard and the front even after sunset. In the presence of proper lighting you can enjoy your gardening hobby or even enjoy barbeques late night
  • Lighting up the home’s exterior will make your abode a difficult target against burglary and vandalism. When the home is lit properly at night it will automatically make the guests at home feel at ease during entry and exit
  • By installing landscape lighting surrounding the home automatically it will offer the assurance that people can navigate such areas safely. The best part is it will help prevent any injury or fall
  • Landscape lighting will work wonders in highlighting your home’s architectural features. The best part is it will boost up the home’s curb appeal at night
  • By having an outdoor space that is well lit you will be capable of relaxing in the safety to be able to view as to what you are performing

For more information, please feel free to contact us at a time that suits you best. We are available round the clock both over the phone and online.

LED landscape lighting in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, FL

A quick look at some of the benefits of using LED landscape lighting

Your search for a company that offers best quality and widest range of LED landscape lighting options will end with us at Vision Lighting. We have a team comprising of sincere, dedicated and certified professionals who will guide you all through the process step by step in order to help you make an informed decision and enjoy absolute value for money. The different areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Boca Raton, FL, Florida, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach.

What is so special about LED lights?

  • It is highly energy efficient. In fact, it has been proven that LED lights use at least 80% less energy compared to traditional lights and will last up to 20 times longer in comparison to incandescent lighting. As it uses less energy it will cost less which means you can save money on your electricity bills
  • Although it costs more upfront but it is worth it as these lights will last for long. Most of these bulbs are backed by a minimum guarantee of 5 years
  • LED lights are known for creating less heat and as a result of which lowers wattage consumption significantly. The ultimate result will be longer life
  • Environmentally friendly- it does not have any toxic chemicals and are 100% recyclable thereby making it environmentally friendly
  • Durability- it is highly durable owing to the robust components which have been used for building it, thereby making it highly resilient as well as capable of withstanding the roughest conditions. LED lights will offer resistance against vibrations, shock and also exposure to different climatic conditions
  • Such landscape lighting produces efficient illumination and by combining it in different shapes these bulbs help in creating even brighter illumination

To install such lights needs the right calculations of voltage, wiring, transformers and knowledge. So allow our professionals to handle this task and help you enjoy peace of mind.


Outdoor lighting in West Palm Beach and Fort Myers, FL

Outdoor lighting ideas to improve your landscape and exterior spaces

There are many great ideas when it comes to outdoor lighting. You can make these ideas a reality by speaking to the experts at Vision Lighting. They can show you how you can transform the nighttime landscape with amazing outdoor lighting ideas. Exterior lighting can breathe life into any landscape, whether residential or commercial. Maybe you need outdoor lighting for your home in Sarasota, your apartment complex in FL, your holiday home in Florida, your shopping mall in Fort Meyers or your marina and dock West Palm Beach. Whatever the case, when done professionally, outdoor lighting will add beauty, value and safety.

Without exterior lifting a place can look dark, gloomy and uninviting. It is also not safe or practical to try and do things outside if there is no light. Light invites people to come closer, to gather, to socialize and have fun. Exterior lighting also adds to the safety and security of your outdoor spaces and areas.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to outdoor lighting. Up lighting can illuminate an entire object, be it a tree, a wall or a waterfall. Silhouetting is another great effect which creates a silhouette of an object on a background such as a wall. Shadowing, downlighting, path lighting and pool lighting can also be highly effective and impressive.

Lights can be used to feature details such as lines, floors, pathways, steps, decks, plants, pergolas and pools. Lighting can also add beauty and appeal to outdoor entertainment areas. For example, under- lit benches will beckon people to gather around a barbecue.

When you deal with a professional lighting contractor you can have confidence that your outdoor lighting project will make your property more appealing, inviting, attractive and safe.


Exterior lighting in West Palm Beach and Fort Myers, Florida

Exterior lighting can bring your outdoor spaces to life at night

Exterior lighting can add to the beauty and appeal of just about any property. If you want exterior lighting in FL, Florida, Fort Myers or Sarasota, then Vision Lighting can help. They have long been beautifying properties in Florida with amazing lighting designs and installations. When it comes to outdoor lighting, they know how to do it right. They use the finest equipment and latest techniques and methods. They can help you with residential, commercial, holiday or marina lighting ideas and projects.

When done professionally and properly, exterior lighting can transform and outdoor areas night time appeal. Exterior lighting should be tasteful and elegant and complement the landscape, including soft and hard elements. With proper lighting, you can bring outdoor spaces to life in the dark. This way your lighting will add to the overall beauty and value of your property.

When it comes to outdoor lighting you want to deal with a contractor that will take care to protect the natural elements such as plants, shrubs, flowers and trees. That means a contractor will use eco-friendly products, circumspect mounting techniques and well-planned positioning and cabling. This means that plant health and tree growth is not affected or compromised. Lights, junction boxes, cables and wire should be carefully concealed so as not to distract from the appearance and appeal the landscape. Another important consideration in any outdoor lighting project is voltage. Low voltage is the best as this requires less energy.

Safety and security is another big advantage of exterior lighting. Criminals prefer to operate under cover of darkness. Take that cover away and you substantially reduce the risk of criminal activity on your property. Outdoor lighting also makes it safer to navigate pathways and walkways.



Fort Myers FL LED landscape lighting and outdoor lighting

Why choose LED landscape lighting over traditional lighting solutions?

Safety, beauty and energy savings, these are three big benefits that you can enjoy by installing LED landscape lights. Considering its growing demand we at Vision Lighting offer a wide variety of LED landscape lighting solutions in different styles, sizes and specifications. The light emitting diode (LED) technology is highly favored for their long-lasting bulbs. As it uses merely a part of the electricity it is not subjected to continuous electrical surges which fry the majority of the traditional bulbs. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Boca Raton, FL, Florida, Fort Myers, and West Palm Beach.

LED vs. Traditional lights- a brief

  • Using LED lights on your landscape as opposed to halogen or incandescent lights will help to lower the energy costs significantly. In fact the cost savings can be about 70-80% higher every year
  • The long life LED lamps has made the replacement of a bulb every now and then a thing of the past. The LED lamps that are utilized in the landscapes can last for about 40,000 hours.
  • LED is indeed the future when it comes to landscape lighting. It is a cutting edge technology and is likely to augment in the future. So it is wise to install these lighting solutions and utilize the savings for maybe a vacation
  • It is a safe choice, particularly for people residing in places with high dangers of fire. When touched, it is slightly warm producing rarely any heat in comparison to its traditional competitors.
  • It is an eco-friendly and green way of lighting the landscape. Along with being cost-effective it also has minimal impact when it comes to the environment
  • It is also highly durable.
  • Last but not the least it has the added advantage of an optic system. It is a helpful technology that will help to measure and also control the output of light accurately

To know more speak to our specialists right away.



Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Florida landscape lighting

Why landscape lighting has gained so much popularity?

Most homeowners take immense pride to maintain their outdoor landscape’s appearance. When the weather turns warmer, you begin mowing the lawn and also tend to the garden. And when you strive hard in making the yard appear aesthetically pleasing at the day time, then why not continue showcasing the same during the night time? The best way to do so will be in installing the right landscape lighting. If you are in need of such lighting solutions, give us a call at Vision Lighting right away. Our wide range of lighting systems will offer you with a plethora of benefits along with highlighting the gazebo or the new stone walkway for you as well as others to enjoy. Besides, it will help to increase the worth of your property and at the same time make you a proud homeowner. People residing in and around Boca Raton, FL, Florida, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach can make the most of our products and services.

Why use these lighting systems?

  • Augment appearance- to increase a home’s curb appeal along with being vital for you to put your sweet home on the market will also at the same time help in boosting up the confidence that you possess in the overall appearance of your home. Curb appeal indeed is the key mode of attractiveness of a home viewed from the road. For instance, if some recent home improvements have been made, landscape lights that are placed effectively will help in showing off the efforts. On the other hand, for those who plan to sell their property in the near future, by highlighting their property’s interior and exterior with the help of these lights can prove attractive to prospective buyers
  • Enhance safety and functionality- the modern landscape lights can help in preventing daily accidents which are easily avoidable. We offer a wide gamut of lighting solutions that will offer ambiance and visibility to the landscape and the adjacent pathway. And if there is a swimming pool within the residential premise these lights will help to protect children and keep them safe
  • Tighten home security- landscape lights can help to deter intruders prior to them stepping foot onto a property. Fixtures that are strategically placed can deter strangers that do not desire being identified trespassing on a property

If you are interested in these lighting solutions and wish to reap its benefits call us right away.


Outdoor landscape lighting in West Palm Beach, Florida

Outdoor landscape lighting for impressive night time effects

Outdoor landscape lighting can make a substantial difference to the ambiance and aesthetics of your garden and outside areas. You can create many different effects that range from soft touches, to accents and dramatic impacts. Vision Lighting specializes in outdoor landscape lighting and can help transform your night time garden in Fort Myers or Sarasota into something spectacular.

There are many ways they can help you when it comes to outdoor landscaping and lighting. During the day you have natural light but at night you might only have the moonlight. Creative, tasteful and innovative lighting can make a huge difference to the way you and others experience your outdoor area at night. It does not matter whether you want to enhance the outdoor space in a commercial environment or in your residential environment – they can use outdoor landscape lighting to transform both commercial and residential outdoor spaces.

When done professionally, outdoor lighting won’t harm or interfere with your natural garden. A professional landscaper and lighting professional such as Vision will take care to ensure your trees, plants, shrubs and flowers are protected. They use special mounting techniques and eco-friendly lighting. You also won’t see unsightly cables, mounting boxes and other firings that could distract from the natural beauty of your garden.

There are many different lighting techniques that can be used create impressive, dramatic or soft effects. For example, up-lighting can illuminate a tree, or focus on a wall or some other object. A spread light can be used to create a silhouette effect against a chosen background. Light and darkness can be used to create a shadow affect that can be quite beguiling.

Apart from impressive affects, outdoor landscape lighting can also play a positive role in safety and security. Path lighting and spot lighting are good examples..



Exterior lighting in Sarasota, Boca Raton, Fort Myers FL

Exterior light can set the garden mood you want

Exterior lighting can make a substantial difference to the aesthetics, ambiance and safety of outdoor spaces and areas. If you want to enhance your outdoor areas with innovative exterior lighting, then Vision Lighting can help. They have beautified and improved many outdoor areas in Fort Myers, Sarasota and West Palm Beach with inventive and creative lighting effects and solutions.

Just as natural light is part of your daytime landscapes, you can use man made light to enhance your night time landscapes. Exterior lighting can be used to enhance any outdoor area, be it residential or commercial.

There is an art to outdoor lighting and landscaping. When done right the affects can be dramatic and spectacular. Proper lighting techniques and landscaping can be used to highlight specific features and landscapes. Maybe you want to highlight a beautiful tree or a stature or a water feature. Soft spotlight can be used to great effect to highlight certain features in your garden or yard.

Other interesting effects include silhouetting, shadowing, wall-washing, moonlighting and down lighting. You can create effects such as illuminated backdrops, soft shadows, soothing glows, bold streaks, moonlight ambiance, interesting patterns and more. From eerie too romantic, from scary to inviting, from contemporary to old world, you can use exterior lighting to create your own personalised mood, ambiance and effects.

A professional landscaping company can help you create the twilight and after dark affects you want. You also won’t have to worry about unsightly cables and wires spoiling your pristine outdoor areas. A professional landscaping company will also take care to use and install required equipment is such away that they don’t harm or restrict the living elements of your outdoor areas. This way your plants, shrubs and trees can grow and live without harm or damage from your outdoor lights and related landscaping techniques.