West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, FL outdoor landscape lighting

A glance at the different types of outdoor lighting available

Are you in need of outdoor lighting? Then look no further. We at Vision Lighting offer a wide range of lighting solutions for your outdoor needs. With us you have the flexibility to choose a lighting as per your needs, budget and taste. And in the process if you get confused which to choose our experts will guide you all through the process. They will help you choose one that will help to change the look of the outdoor space completely. People residing in and around Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Sarasota and West Palm Beach can make the most of our lighting solutions.

The different types of lighting unveiled

  • Path lighting- the paths and walkways in your home can be highlighted both for elegance as well as safety reasons alike. With our path lighting solutions you can now create any personality that you desire with your walkways/paths
  • Downlighting- downlighting can help in adding a beautiful effect, thereby mimicking the moonlight glow hovering on a lovely landscape
  • Shadow lighting- this form of lighting will help in emitting light on a surface which is ahead of another object and the objects can vary from a tree, garage, a wall or other stationary items. In fact the lighting fixture will be fixed on the ground while the light will be pointed upward in the direction of the surface item. It is this method that creates a shadow on an object behind it.
  • Lanterns- this is an excellent lighting choice for the landscape. Lanterns can illuminate porches, pools, decks and patios with its sophisticated ambience. The best part is these come in a wide range of styles, shapes and colors. It can also be used in the walkway
  • Floodlights- this light will help in illuminating the best features of your home

So these are some of the lighting options that we offer. If you are interested in any of these, please feel free to contact us at a time that suits you best.



LED landscape lighting in Boca Raton and Fort Myers, FL

The benefits of using LED landscape lighting

LED landscape lighting is in great demand these days and there are multiple reasons behind this. If you want to reap the perks of this form of lighting then call us at Vision Lighting right away. Our specialty is we also offer customized solutions. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota and West Palm Beach.

The Vision Lighting Difference

  • Energy savings- first and foremost, it will cut down on your electricity cost. It is more efficient compared to incandescent lights. With an LED lighting you can enjoy the same brightness, but at an affordable price
  • Longevity- although the price of an LED light may be expensive initially but it is worth it. This is because you do not require changing it like halogen light bulbs
  • Easy installation- it is easy to install and you can use it anywhere in the house. The best part about these lights is that it will provide brighter lights utilizing less energy
  • Environmentally friendly choice- because these have minimal carbon footprint naturally it will act as an environmentally friendly pick to light your home
  • Reduced danger of burns- it is comparatively less dangerous than the traditional bulbs. An LED bulb will produce less heat as well as burn cooler in comparison to traditional bulbs. It means you will no longer require worrying regarding the dangers of burns to children, pets, and plants which may come into its contact
  • More durable- as it does not depend on delicate filaments, often LED lights are more durable compared to traditional lighting. It can turn extremely beneficial for outside lighting because lighting fixtures and bulbs often are knocked or bumped by pets, children and gardening
  • Design flexibility- with regards to design these lights are extremely flexible. Today it is available in assorted palette of colors which can complement all forms of designs

If you want to reap the benefits of LED lighting then call us right away. We are happy to solve your queries and give our 100% to design your dream landscape.


Outdoor Exterior lighting in Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Sarasota and West Palm Beach.

Exterior lighting can transform an outdoor space into an ambient delight

Exterior lighting can make a substantial difference to the aesthetics and atmosphere of your home. Vision Lighting are the experts when it comes to exterior lighting projects in Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Sarasota and West Palm Beach.  They use eco-friendly materials and fittings that will help complement your existing outdoor décor, plants and trees.


Vision lighting can help you with any exterior lighting project whether for residential purposes, commercial applications, holiday places, or marinas and docks. An innovative lighting system can have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere and ambiance of your property. There is no need for your outdoor areas to become invisible in the dark of night. The power of soft illumination can make your outdoor spaces visible in totally different way with spellbinding affect. The possibilities are endless and whatever you can dream the Vision team can bring to life. Whether its lighting for your pool, patio and deck, the clever use of innovative illumination can transform an area into visual and ambient delight.

Just as the moon can create magical moments with soft natural illumination, exterior lighting can create similar and comparable moments. Effective use of up lighting, down lighting, shadowing and silhouetting and soft illumination can help create your own magical garden of lights.

Exterior lighting also adds a level of security to your property by reducing the cover of darkness many criminals rely upon to do their evil deeds.

Exterior lighting can also be used to good affect and impact in commercial projects such as complex lighting, mall lighting, hotel lighting, marina lighting and square lighting.

LED Landscape Lighting in West Palm Beach, FL

Landscape lighting can enhance your garden and outdoor spaces


Tasteful and creative landscape lighting can make a substantial difference to the ambiance and appearance of outdoor areas and living spaces.  Vision Lighting know how to use lighting to enhance and transform outdoor areas in spaces in Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Sarasota and West Palm Beach. Their lighting solutions are also echo friendly and won’t harm your trees, plants or flowers.  You also won’t see unsightly cables, junction boxes or wired or find that cables or equipment obstruct trees in any way.

Landscape lighting can be used to enhance and transform any outdoor area be it a residential garden, a hotel, a country club, a marina, a mall or a multi-housing complex. Outdoor lighting solutions can be tailored to your pretences and your budget.

A creative landscape should be well lit at night with decorative and tasteful light fixtures. Illumination for entertainment, entrance lighting, security lighting, pathway light and accent light can all form part of an overall lighting landscape.

Entrance lights not only add convenience and safety but can also highlight a striking front door.  Floodlights can also be used to light up entry ways. Dimmed lights can add a romantic feel to outdoor patios and cosy areas. Lights along walkways and pathways can be inviting and also make it easier to navigate through your garden, yard or outdoor areas.

Accent lights can be used to illuminate focal points such as a tree, a pool or a water feature. Whether directed upwards or downwards, accent lights can be used to great effect in a landscape lighting project.  Security and safety are always important and motion sensor lights can be used to alert you of any suspicious movements in your garden or outdoor areas.

When it comes to landscape lighting there is no shortage of ideas and possibilities.

Led landscape lighting in Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Sarasota, FL

You all must have heard about LED lights and why it is preferred over traditional lighting. So if you also wish to reap the benefits of LED outdoor lighting then call us right away at Vision Lighting. We offer a wide array of LED landscape lighting options to help you pick a model that best suits your needs and budget. LED lights are eco-friendly, clean and also energy efficient, no wonder its enormous demand. The different areas that we cover include Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota and West Palm Beach.

LED lighting and its amazing benefits

  • Long life- this is the number one advantage of using LED lights. These bulbs, guarantee excellent operational lifetime and unlike standard lighting will not burn or stop working.
  • Energy efficient- as opposed to conventional light bulbs and traditional lighting, LED lights are highly energy efficient
  • Ecologically friendly- the best part about LED lights is that there is no toxic chemicals present in it and are also 100% recyclable which means these are ecologically friendly
  • Durable quality- it is extremely durable because it is made with sturdy components which are extremely rugged and thus capable of withstanding the roughest conditions. As it is resistant to external impacts, vibrations and shock, LED lights make an excellent choice for outdoor purpose
  • Zero UV emissions- it produces minimal infrared light and no UV emissions. No wonder it is largely used in archeological sites, art galleries and museums
  • Design flexibility- the specialty of LED lights is that it offers utmost design flexibility.
  • Operational in extremely hot and cold temperatures- The LED lights are highly operational both in extreme hot and cold temperatures

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, low voltage, frequent switching, instant lighting and light dispersement are some of the other noteworthy qualities of LED lights. So get in touch with us and go LED to save your money and the planet both.