Exterior, Deck, & Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas throughout Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota & West Palm Beach, FL from Vision Landscape Lighting.


This outdoor lighting technique uses low-voltage light fixtures with halogen or led bulbs that light a tree, home or vertical structure from the ground up. Placing the fixtures at the base structure ensures you illuminate the entire object and not just the canopy. It is best to use Vision Lighting light fixtures that have a convex lens so that irrigation water runs off the lens.


For this effect, a spread light is placed between plants, sculpture or a fountain, and an adjacent structure. The effect is that the object is silhouetted in black against a background. Multiple fixtures may be required depending on how much of the wall you need to light. ;


This involves washing a feature such as a tree or statue so that it casts a shadow on a wall. The play of light and darkness can be quite intriguing, especially if the object is affected by the breeze. Lighting the object from low down and angling upward can provide a larger than life dramatic effect.


At its most basic, path and step lighting exists to keep the walker safe. You want to make sure all obstacles and turns are well illuminated. A staggered lit path can give a sense of romance or adventure - it should make the viewer want to go and see where the pathway might lead.

Down-Lighting from structures

Down Lighting can be used in a number of ways. Fixtures are placed in patio covers, under eaves of the house roof line, on garden walls or placed in trees to down-light patios and pathways. The fixture needs to be placed just high enough to spread a circle of light around the feature you wish to emphasize. Down lighting is also useful for illuminating doorways and other entrances and exits.

Down-lighting from hardscape

Light fixtures can be installed upside down in benches, countertops or any overhang to cast subtle lighting along pathways and patios. During the day, fixtures are hidden beneath the hardscape but at night their light defines an area with a surrounding glow that draws guests in.

Dock Lighting

The preferred lights for a dock in southwest Florida area are flush mount lights. These consist of a small light fixture mounted on a broad pillar at about 36 to 48 inches above the dock, between the average person's knee and chest level. This dock light type will enable you to enter and disembark from a boat safely at night, while it shines inconspicuously on the deck. These lights will also prevent collisions between your boat the dock itself. And they are turtle friendly.

Pool Lighting

Perfect any pool area with LED dimmable lighting and enjoy your space at all times of the day or night. Colorful accents in and around the water, or lighting that is soft and serene are easily achievable options with the variety of weatherproof products.

Lanai Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, lanai lighting provides your outdoor space with safety and security without compromising your unique style.

Holiday Lighting

With our custom holiday lighting installation service, your home, office building and special event will really sparkle and make everyone feel more welcomed! You’ll notice the difference—and so will everyone else. ;

Gated Community Entry Lighting

All gated and fenced residential communities have several things in common. Gates and fences provide the perception of security, safety, and privacy. In affluent residential neighborhoods, privacy means exclusivity and therefore increased property values. Adding a well lit entry system is a big first impression for new home buyers.