Outdoor & Outside Lighting throughout Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota & West Palm Beach, FL from Vision Landscape Lighting.

Outdoor lighting can enhance any home in many different ways, but the potential is particularly profound here in South Florida. Since we have warm weather all year around, many people spend a great deal of time outdoors. Plants and flowers grow abundantly, and landscapes are typically bursting with life and artistic expression. The right outside lighting can produce truly spectacular results if you work with an experienced and talented landscape lighting professional.

The people here at Vision Landscape Lighting are very passionate about the outdoor lighting solutions that we provide for our customers in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Boca Raton, and West Beach. When you add the right stylistic touches, your outdoor spaces can be transformed. The illusion of soft moonlight can be created to highlight your home in many different ways.

Uplighting is one possibility, and it is very popular. When you illuminate a tree or a flower-filled vase from the bottom up, the entire object is illuminated, and the effect is subtly dramatic. Uplighting fixtures can use low-voltage halogen or LED bulbs, and we recommend convex lenses that will allow for efficient water run off. In addition to the uplighting that can be used, we also inculcate silhouetting and shadowing landscape lighting techniques. A picture is worth 1000 words, so you can visit our gallery to see some of the work that we have done for satisfied clients.

Outside Lighting Is an Investment!

It is important to enjoy your home to the utmost each and every day of your life. When you approach your driveway after a night out, the proper outdoor lighting can make everything seem magical, and you feel an indescribable sense of satisfaction. Your own enjoyment is reason enough to engage us to design an outdoor lighting system for you, but there is also the value factor.

If you decide to upgrade your home through the intelligent, creative installation of modern outside lighting, you are not really incurring an expense; you are making an investment. You may be surprised to hear that real estate experts have stated that a homeowner who invests in outside lighting can realize a 50 percent return on that investment. When you digest that statistic, you can see that you will actually emerge from the interatcion ahead of the game if you upgrade your property with the right outdoor lighting.

We are here to help if you are ready to get started. Give us a call at 239-273-1802 and a knowledgeable outdoor lighting professional will answer your questions and arrange the next step if you decide to go forward.

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